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Benefits of Bulk SMS Solutions

As business involves large target and mass campaigning, it is not an easier task and so they have thought of a marketing tool that can be used for campaigning about their products. Hence the new concept created is the Bulk SMS or Bulk Short Message Service. An organization or an institution can be enabled for sending or receiving large number and volume of SMS or simply SMS in a bulk with the help of exclusive type of system known as Bulk SMS. With particular bandwidth limitation, the Bulk SMS follows a specific channel. When the SMS is sent, the Bulk SMS senders can receive delivery reports.

A single SMS can be forwarded to several users, which is the most useful feature of the Bulk SMS Solutions. The number of recipients can be decided by a sender. The number of recipients can be increased to more numbers and can be restricted to minimum single recipient. Unique sender identification tag generated will be provided to each and every user and the same ID brand will be used by sender while sending Bulk SMS. The group functionality of the Bulk SMS is another important feature. Due to its low cost nature, many reputed companies are making use of Bulk SMS for promoting their products. It is estimated that you can save up to 30 percent of the total amount spent for printed media campaigning with the help of Bulk SMS. For sending Bulk SMS, it is dependable as the network coverage is good for a huge network area. Bulk SMS used for purposes like intimations, instructions, and promotional campaigns. For sending a message to many mobile phone users instantly, Bulk SMS is used. Another prime benefit of Bulk SMS is its low price factor as stated previously.

Nowadays youths make use of SMS messaging and Bulk SMS to friends as favorite time pass. Bulk SMS method is the latest weapon used in the competitive business field to campaign for of products in the market.

The benefits of Bulk SMS in business are instant delivery of messages, lesser time, price effectiveness, and instant measurable response for the sent SMS from the recipients. The Bulk SMS can be distributed without any geographical limits with assured delivery to the recipients. The user gets an opportunity to subscribe on the particular website for text messages relating to specials and promotions. In Bulk SMS to receive a message it need not be switched on the mobile unit and the user will receive the message when the unit is on air. The response time for the Bulk SMS will be within 48 hours after the user receives the message, as most of the mobile phone users use their phones most of the time and messages are checked before deletion. The bulk SMS can send to the recipients mobile phones by the sender after typing the SMS text. An essential thing to be focused is the number of typescript used in a SMS need to be constrained to 160.

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