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Is your company using Bulk SMS Service?

Your company "may be" doing well, your customers "may be" happy, and your employees "may be" contented. Simultaneously staying connected to large target groups comprising of channels, customers, employees and other stakeholders was never so easy and fast.

Bulk SMS, Bulk SMS India and SMS Marketing caters to high volume, high throughput requirements of application-to-person (A2P) messaging over the mobile network. This may be done with the greatest of ease. A close Industry analysis will figure out the benefits of Bulk SMS by Dubaimirchi.com to you.

  • Education - Today, educational institutions and colleges have to communicate with potential students, current students, as well as teachers, alumni, administrators and employees. It is in this domain that Enterprise Messaging Services like SMS Gateway to India, Bulk SMS, bulk sms UAE, premium sms, bulk sms to India can serve as a potent tool for communication.
  • Advertising and Event Management - Now with every advertiser's eyes being focused on results, Bulk SMS by Dubaimirchi.com is the most powerful choice for communicating. A whole lot of branding exercises can be done via bulk sms messaging to UAE. SMS based voting, SMS polling and SMS contests get you instant responses and effectiveness.
  • FMCG - Be it customers, dealers, vendors, retailers or employees, they all form part of the bandwagon that a FMCG company has to juggle and balance to keep its wheels running smoothly. In such a scenario, Bulk SMS provider in UAE provides Bulk SMS to India as a direct, precise and potent tool for updating information about product innovations and happenings to customers, dealers and vendors. After all nothing reaches an individual more directly or personally than an Bulk SMS message. Dubaimirchi.com is UAE's leading Bulk SMS gateway provider.
  • Insurance - With Enterprise Messaging Services such as Bulk SMS, SMS Marketing Premium SMS by Dubaimirchi.com, insurance companies can target customers and analyze leading-edge opportunities critical to the success of their business.
  • Banking - Connecting using Bulk SMS with your customers becomes easy, anything from deposit/withdrawal updates to new scheme introductions to branch openings or foreign exchange rates, issuing of cheque books etc. all take on a new dimension.
  • Automobile - With Enterprise Messaging Services, Bulk SMS alerts, announcements, awareness, reminders, information about offers, discounts and all types of communication is easily accessible.
  • Stock Brokers - Customers have to be crystal clear about each and every aspect of investments, stock options, stock trading, company, shares dividend & types of shares, debentures, securities, mutual funds and so much more! With almost all customers connected to mobiles rather than the internet, mobile Messaging Services such as SMS gateway, bulk sms, premium bulk sms to UAE is the best way to serve them.
  • Real Estate / Property - Real Estate is a vast field, with huge scope for further growth. Here too, communication plays a vital role. Project launches, availability of projects or houses for buying/leasing, interest rates, loan facilities, special schemes, location advantages, all this information has to be communicated. Real Estate Bulk SMS or property bulk sms is clearly the best solution for real estate agents and builders.
  • Hotels and Resorts - Bulk SMS to India opens new avenues to this industry. The information about new rates, new menus, special programs, discounts, facilities and food festivals can reach the audience in a jiffy through premium Bulk SMS by Dubaimirchi.com.
  • Tours and Travels - Cross promotions, tie-ups, airline and relevant information worth sharing with customers, add immense value and volumes to the business. Bulk SMS UAE is the most cost-effective way to communicate with the customers.
  • Couriers and Logistics - Enterprise Messaging Services like Bulk SMS, SMS gateway, mass sms, online sms, web sms gateway can play a key role in taking orders, package pick-up, keeping track of parcels, rates and discounts and more.
  • eCommerce and Online Portals - With mobile and 3G penetration in UAE increasing day by day, users want to stay connected with their online profiles even when they are offline, get Bulk SMS alerts whenever they carry out online as well as offline transactions and stay up-to-date through Bulk SMS subscription alerts. To efficiently manage these changing needs, wants & desires of the Indian consumers, Dubaimirchi.com Enterprise 2-way messaging services provides and very good platform for online portals and ecommerce companies to provide economically feasible SMS services like Bulk SMS, Web SMS, online SMS, online Bulk SMS, SMS gateway.
  • Airlines - Ticketing has ventured into newer areas. For example, online booking is calling the shots, new schemes like online bidding for tickets, which benefits customers magnificently, are more popular. With Bulk SMS, Free Bulk SMS, Bulk SMS in UAE as Enterprise Messaging Services by Dubaimirchi.com, offers, information, branding, discounts and schemes can easily reach the target group at just the click of a button.
  • Media and Entertainment - Bulk SMS gateway is the best way to lure your target audience, by providing details of everything including news, new events and programs by personalized SMS, Excel plugin, Excel Bulk SMS Software by Dubaimirchi.com.

It's really easy to sign up for a Bulk SMS account in UAE and then you can manage unlimited groups of mobile numbers, import numbers and details from Excel, use Excel Plugin mail merge details into your messages, schedule + much more – all with the greatest of ease.

For more information on how businesses can harness the power of Bulk SMS in UAE, you can get a Bulk SMS account with us on free trial basis. You can visit our website or call us anytime.

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