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Email to SMS

Small business owners, or those who are not technically minded nor want to hire a dedicated technical guy to handle such tasks in-house usually outsource their chores to temp staff. These are people who may not be sitting in the same physical workspace as the business owner himself but would very much be a part of the organization, having access to the business’s web backend and able to add, edit or delete chunks of code as and when necessary.

If you are such a business owner who outsource all your technical coding work to outsiders, you do not need to fret. We provide an easy to integrate API code for most popular web scripting languages. The preconditions to using our API platform is to ensure that your business website is scripted using one of the standard coding languages. Standard coding language is pretty much a broad term because we support most of the popular scripting languages. The other precondition is that your website must have a form or at least you can ask someone to code one for you. This form will take the content of the message and send it out to the recipient using our SMS platform.

The rest is easy. All your technical support professional needs to do is copy the appropriate mode modify the parameters and integrate it with your website. HTTP to SMS is one of the easiest ways to send out bulk communication to your patrons at an instant. At dubaimirchi.com we provide everything that you need in order to send email to SMS using your website as the platform. Our codes provide seamless integration with our SMS servers. Plus, we have a comprehensive API manual. It needs just a little bit of coding knowledge to integrate, which any good web programmer can handle quite easily.

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