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How can a guest coming to your website get the free credits when he registers for your service?

When you visit Dubaimirchi.com, click on Join Now which leads you to the registration option on the page. Enter your preferred username and password, address, phone number and email address and click on the register now button. The registration takes a few seconds to complete and you are now a registered member of Dubaimirchi.com. However you still need to complete the account activation procedure, wherein you will need to activate your account by clicking on an email verification link that was sent to your registered email address. When your account gets activated, it is automatically going to get the FREE credits which you can use for sending test messages to any one you want.

How can I purchase further credit?

When you have exhausted the first FREE credit that you have been given you may opt to purchase additional credit. Using our purchase option, on site, click on Bulk SMS Credits and check out using PayPal. PayPal transactions will be in EURO. If you wish to use a different payment option then let us know and we will send you additional details.

Once the payment goes through, additional credits which you have purchased will appear on your account. Credit will be deducted based on your sending of SMS to any country and based on our price rate for that country.

What is Sender ID?

A heading, that appears in every SMS that is sent out and contains an 11 digit title or Sender ID. You can log into your account and edit the Sender ID to whatever you want.

How can I Send SMS?

After having signed into your account, click on the option Send SMS. An SMS sending SMS interface will open up. Enter the mobile number with the country code in the field provided. Do not affix ‘00’ or ‘+’ before the country code. like this 971501234567 Type-in the message as you need it in English and click on ‘Send’.

How to send Bulk SMS?

Login to your account on Dubaimirchi.com and click on the Bulk SMS menu. An interface for sending SMS will open up. Upload the mobile numbers prepared in a CSV format as per the guidelines. Ensure that there are no ‘+’ or ‘00’ in front of the international dialing code. Type-in the message in English and then click on Send.

Bulk SMS numbers should be placed in each row of the CSV file like this:

  • 971501234567
  • 971551234567
  • 966541234567
  • 919631234567

  • A maximum of 5000 Mobile numbers can be uploaded at a time to send Bulk SMS.

Send Group SMS

Start by login to your Dubaimirchi.com account and click on Group SMS. A phone book interface will open up, which will allow you to create a new group. After the group is created, use the browse option to upload a CSV file containing your group SMS numbers. Once any customization is done, click on the group name and then click Send. An SMS sending interface will open up which will show you the numbers that have been selected. Enter the message that you wish to send and then click Send.

Logon to your account click on Group SMS you will get Phone Book interface there you can add a new group, select group and then browse and import the CSV file format and the data should be name comma numbers as shown below, once you imported the group select the group customize the contacts if you required by checking the box then click on Send, it will take you to the Send SMS Interface there you can see the selected contacts numbers placed in number field as comma separated format, now type your message and Send.

Phone Book

Phone book functions as described above in the group SMS option is the same as.

Schedule SMS

Every SMS sending interface will also show you a message – "Schedule another time/date for sending” followed by a Checkbox. If you select “Yes - let me choose” It will ask you for the day and Time (GMT). Once you have entered the message and the details and click on Send, your message will b scheduled for sending at the entered date and time.

My Account

My account is the page which provides options for editing the details in the user profile. Whatever changes you need to do, just enter them on to the profile page and click save to save the changes.