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SMS Reseller Account

One of the best SMS reseller Account available in the market, Dubaimirchi.com offers companies and individual businessmen who wish to start an SMS business all the technology and the help required to initiate one. A dedicated server and a control panel are provided to the Reseller who can manage his clients and their bulk SMS systems using these interfaces.


  • All SMS resellers Account will be provided a secure access to our SMSC infrastructure
  • A web interface to send out SMS will be provided to all of our SMS resellers Account
  • The SMS sending application is a Desktop application which is interoperable on any operating system.
  • An Admin login will be provided to manage your users.


Using our SMPP control panel our Resellers can create their very own users and also manage them.The desktop SMPP client is available to be shared with the customer’s of our Resellers.


All Resellers are provided a HTTP link which they can share with their customer base so that they integrate the same on their websites and use the service of Dubaimirchi.com using POST/GET methods.

Web Interface

The Dubaimirchi.com web login and interface will allow the User to send out single SMS, scheduled SMS, bulk SMS and is linked with the corporate website of the user. The user can similarly log into the system and manage their address book features.

Desktop Application

The whole system is extremely user-friendly which allows the client to co-brand his page using the logo change option and running the setup program.

Admin Interface to Add/Modify/Delete Users

Dubaimirchi.com offers a web interface which is highly interactive and allows complete user management control.

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