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Web Based SMS Sender

Are you in the market looking for a web based SMS sender? Look no further than dubaimirchi.com. With years of experience handling bulk SMS sending across 800 networks and more than 180 countries we at dubaimirchi.com are more than capable of handling your bulk SMS requirements. Web based SMS is definitely one of the easiest ways to market your products and services to your clientele. It works exceedingly well for opt-in subscribers base.

How does web based SMS sender services work? Well the API that is used is known as HTTP to SMS. This API can be integrated with any and all web pages that have been coded with the common scripting languages. This is a cross platform API as it works with both open source and Microsoft as well as other third party platforms. Thus, regardless of the coding language that may have been used, such as VB.NET, PHP, Perl your website can be easily integrated provided it comes with a form. Reliability is of paramount importance when it comes to SMS sending.

Reliability not only in the sense that you need a provider who can deliver the SMSs as promised but someone that can give you a detailed report as to the delivery. Plus, you also need a provider who can help you with technical aspects in the unforeseen eventuality you are faced with one. This is where most bulk SMS providerstend to lose out. At dubaimirchi.com we have a highly qualified technical team standing by which can help you take care of any and all issues and at any hour of the day. At any hour of the day simply drop in an email or dial our helpline numbers or initiate a chat and one of our trained support professionals will assist you to resolve your problem.

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