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Why Bulk SMS Marketing is effective?

Bulk SMS service is by far the best and the most efficient way of sending messages and offers to your prospective or existing clientele. Bulk SMS is also very cost effective and it ensures that reaching your customers is convenient.

SMS is by far one of the most effective communication modes. Over 2 billion messages are sent across every month and in the years to come the emerging markets are only going to increase the number of messages and the growing usage of this wonderful communication form.

The following are some of the benefits of using Bulk SMS as a marketing tool:

Responsive & Customer Interactions

Bulk SMS is the most direct form of marketing that is available to the marketing professional in today’s world. An SMS sent to a mobile device has a 99% chance of being read which ensures an open rate that is the highest among all available marketing methods. This leads to a five times higher response rate compared to mail marketing for example.

Cost Effective

SMS testing is significantly cheaper than any other messaging system. Direct marketing using SMS costs up to 80% less.


Bulk SMS marketing is in its nascent stage and not many businesses around the globe are actively promoting their business using this method of communication. As such the reach and effectiveness and brand recall for this form of messaging is much more than any other modes of communication.

Highly targeted

SMS texting can be highly targeted. You can create groups and send out highly targeted messages which will ensure that there are no messages which will get wasted.

Raising Incomes

Bulk SMS marketing affects the bottom line of the business. When successfully and efficiently done it increases the sale of the products and increase the bottom line.

Since the messaging drives can be set up in a short notice a huge amount of unsold inventory can be sold out in a small time.

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